Warren Buffet and Ross Perot are FRAUDS!

Warren Buffett is not a real investor and Berkshire Hathaway is a fraud.  On the surface, one has to admit that Warren Buffet’s track record is a bit too good to be true.  Unless one has inside information about what those pulling the strings are going to do next.   Think about it. “Warren Buffett” bought cheap when everyone else was fearful and sold high when everyone else was optimistic, typical of Wall St. insiders. But in recent years as the market has been flat or significantly down, and the economy has tanked, Ole’ Warren has bought at the top and everywhere in between trying to help prop the market up.

Whoever “Warren Buffett” is, he is nothing but a conduit for the banks. The ultimate propaganda campaign, incorporating  an “American Pie” ruse to shyster the public into the idiotic “buy and hold” mantra right before huge market corrections.

In November, Warren Buffett admitted in the New York Times, absent the government handout, Berkshire Hathaway would have gone bankrupt.

My own company, Berkshire Hathaway, might have been the last to fall, but that distinction provided little solace.

To put to rest any more doubts that your world is a carefully crafted illusion, here we have a very nice compilation of the FAMILY members.

Ross Perot who is General Ramsey Clark.
Warren Buffet playing with a child in front of David Rockefeller Jr.’s daughter.
Dominique Strauss-Kahn AND his accuser!
Michael Greenberg and his wife Vicky Strong/Greenberg (cute lady with big smile).
Mark Zuckerberg with his real father (handsome man)
The very talented Tony Greenberg who plays many, many roles.
Jeff Rense who is actually Kenny Blumeberg with his wife Alissa Lori (you’ve seen her before)
Liz Harmon who is Jill Rapaport of the Today Show
And last but not least, Tyler Clementi who is Zuckerberg’s cousin.


2 thoughts on “Warren Buffet and Ross Perot are FRAUDS!

  1. yes he is rupert murdoch. same facial geometry i can confirm that. but im kinda tired now to make another collage. theres too many of those kikes it would take a phonebook to gather all the data.

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