Michael and Leo Greenberg, Talented and very Dangerous.

The elusive and mysterious son of Maurice Greenberg (aka Josef Mengele), who goes by one of his names, Michael Greenberg, is very likely to be at least one of the chief heads of Mossad.  His brother, Leo Greenberg, is the actor who plays Dominique Strauss Kahn and Benjamin Netahnyahu, pictured below.  You also may know him as David Berkowitz of Son of Sam fame.  And yes, that is Jennifer Greenberg Sexton (Tina Fey/Sarah Palin) next to him.  This is a very talented if not very dangerous family.

Here below is pictured Michael on the left and Leo on the right.  They look happy.  Michael Greenberg is the same Dallas Green of the Philadelphia Phillies.  He also played the character of Werner Von Braun.  His collaboration with Disney/Hitler/Kermit Roosevelt was not for the purpose of making cartoons…


7 thoughts on “Michael and Leo Greenberg, Talented and very Dangerous.

  1. greenburg crime family involved in "wag the dog" bosnian-serb war crime trials of : slobodan milosevic; radovan karadzic; ratko mladic. burnlistblog.blogspot.com/ for others.

  2. Speaking of world leaders come and gone I was watching an old movie ''THE CHAIRMAN'' starring Gregory peck. One of the co-stars was asian-american actors KEYE LUKE. I was wondering dare I say if not RED CHINESE leader MAO ZSE TONG was not played by KEYE LUKE. they look very much alike and a number of images are spot on. Mr Luke was on of the first Asian American actors who helped pave the way for GEORGE TAKEI/BRUCE LEE/MAKO/JET LI/JACKIE CHAN.

  3. highly interesting lead. less than 10yrs apart birth-wise and look at the curve in the ear. thats another remarkable ear. and both of them have it ! when you google photos of mao, he always seems to hang out with people we already outed like kissinger, dalai lama and others. so in fact they´re all in this together. its always the same people once you´ve figured out whos in and whose not.remember hollywood is witchwood used to make magic wands used to cast spells. in fact "holly" tree is synonymous with "hex" go look it up on wikipedia. the fruits of the tree when ingested cause diarrhea, cramps and vomiting.

  4. we got half the world covered already lets concentrate now on africa and south america and also the "-stans". we got nothing from those corners of the world yet. it must be the same racket as everywhere else…

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