Prince William’s Other Jobs

Pretending to be a Prince must get boring.  So much so, that the actor that plays the role of Prince William is moonlighting as a correspondent (Daniel Bushell) for the fake news channel, RT.

But wait!  That’s not all that is on his schedule.  He’s also busy cooking up trouble on a show down under, Dinner Date Australia:  Does Kate know that Prince William is seeing other people?  I guess she doesn’t care because Kate/Katie Holmes is married to Tom Cruise!

DINNER DATE AUSTRALIA – Dinner with the Prince!  Literally… actually, not literally…

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So, that makes three strikes, a Royal Trinity.  Kate Middleton played by Katie Holmes:
AND not to be outdone by his mum:


4 thoughts on “Prince William’s Other Jobs

  1. Just by that screen grab I notice a fake nose end and you can pretty much see the line of fake bald head covering. Beady eyes suggest the gameid on. This is suspisious. This RT network looks like an overall fraud. Dallas gold bug has video of a fake riot they showed.

  2. I can see that Katie Holmes looks like Kate Middleton and the blind date guy looks like Prince William but I can not figure out why they would do such a thing? I can get why they are using actors in the news and in politics but why do it in this kind of situations? I am also thinking about is this common in non english speaking countries like germany, france, spain and scandinavia?

  3. They sure do just about everywhere! For Europe, check (this is mainly about Germany and Poland, but also e.g. currently about Greece -> ultra-fake PM "Antonis Samaras", who is really of German descent as is clearly visible)

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