Exposed! Jessica Simpson is Fergie

Jessica ANN Simpson
Stacey ANN Ferguson

Why was Ashlee Simpson BFF with Fergie?  Now you know…

Ashlee Simpson and Fergie — New BFFs? |

Ashlee Simpson and Fergie – The Annual Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party – Grammys 2008 – Celebrity – InStyle

Fergie, this photo looks like Jessica Simpson… Not you…  From Shawn Coldwell
my friend jessica simpson Photos from Stacy Ferguson (FERGIE-FERG) on Myspace

Here, Fergie is showing the same chin lumps as Simpson:
Fergie the latest Jessica Simpson?


14 thoughts on “Exposed! Jessica Simpson is Fergie

  1. You know I often wonder with both amusement and concern anytime a high profile celebrity is pregnant or has a baby. Especially one that has been caught in a fake news event or is actually someone else. JEESICA SIMPSON and MEGAN FOX come to mind. Are their pregnancies real???? Since we know JESSICAis FERGIE and I believe-MEGAN FOX is TAMARA ECCELSTONE and is also expecting can we really believe them?? And what of their progeny??? Real/borrowed/stolen?????? I wonder…

  2. Jessica Simpson, Fergie, Megan Fox are all fictional characters, they're as real as Princess Leia. Everything about them is created by the studios, name, age, relations, bio, love-life. Since they cast in families, they often use genuine relations as relatives, but usually not in the exact same role. For instance an actor's aunt may be cast for the mother of a character he is playing.I suppose the contracts are rather strict regarding when and if high profile actresses can become pregnant. They don't want them preggos if they have a world tour or a film production scheduled. So I would view Jessica being pregnant as more fiction pumped out by the media machine. And hasn't Jessica been pregnant for 2 years now?Maybe Laura Scruggs, the model who was hit in the head with a plane propeller(yeah right), are photos of Jessica when she was a lot younger. Can't tell for sure, but possible.

  3. Oh, and Tony Romo was supposed to be dating Jessica Simpson. I suspect they created this relationship to hype her country career, and turn Romo into a celebrity. He may have gotten some nookie out of it, but I'm sure it was scripted.

  4. I wonder if TONY ROMO knew he was dating FERGIE too. Or if JESS slipped into her FERGILICIOUS persona and LONDON BRIDGED him. If you know what I mean. Same thing with JOHN MAYER who tabbed JESSICA-''SEXUAL NAPALM''. but I wonder whose kids they use for these fake photo-ops. Theirs/others?????

  5. We know who Jennifer Greenberg's kids are from the picassa album. They are not cast in any of the characters we know she plays: Sarah Palin, Tina Fey, and Truthergirl Sonia. Her kids in those roles seemed to be played by relatives. Would make them a too easy to trace if they routinely used their actual kids. Just guessing here, but I think Romo knew what he was getting into. He may be from one of these families, or if not, you must figure out the world is a lot different once you are the quarterback of the cowboys….it's all one big show.

  6. I was watching an interview of JESSICA SIMPSON on access Hollywood by former Sugar ray frontman-MARK MCGRATH-then I channel surfed to a movie on STARZ called BROOKLYN'S FINEST(great movie)! And then it hit me that MCGRATH is also actor ETHAN HAWKE. It's gotta be they look way to much alike. Sae chin/jawline/build. Am I dreaming????

  7. And while we are at it gossip girls BLAKE LIVELY must be KE$HA. she even uses the $ Sign when spelling her name.oh and Blake's co-star on gossip girl LEIGHTON MEISTER is also MINKA KELLY who was recently linked to Yankees superstar DEREK JETER. interesting about jeter is the number of outed celebs he has hooked up with J.LO/PAMELA GELLER-MARIAH/WENDY WILLIAMS-and now perhaps LEIGHTON/MINKA. well he is a great player anyway.

  8. I think you're right. Work must be tough to come by for Ethan Hawke, the thinking man's Tom Cruise, as he's doing this crappy gig. Geez, Sugar Ray is TERRIBLE, and they don't even sell many records. What's the point of selling out and making crap if it doesn't sell.

  9. I kind of like the smashing pumpkins, mainly since the drummer is incredible. Corgan strikes me as being a character, and he's been on enough news shows, and was linked to Courtney Love to further erode is credibility. Hard for me to say he's Hawke, I don't quite see it, but it's possible. Looking at images of Hawke, his ears don't even match his own. Looks like they have been digitally manipulated. Some of the less messed with ones do look similar to Corgan's. But I'm still not sold on it.I'm almost 100% Cobain is Rivers Cuomo of Weezer, and Cobain, and Corgan were both linked to Courtney Love. Rivers Cuomo wrote a song for the latest Sugar Ray CD so lots of connections. I don't know exactly what's really going on there, but know we've been fed a bunch of bull.I know this is a family friendly blog, but I want to use lots of curse words describing Sugar Ray's music.What about Bono? Cheezeburger says his match is Robin Williams. What do you all think?

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