Bill Gates is also Dr. Richard Riegelman

Professor of Epidemiology and Biostatistics by day, and Pusher of Vaccines by night!  It makes total sense… Main goal is most likely Population Reduction…


We all should know that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is bullish on vaccination of the poor people of the world. So what does Dr. Richard Riegelman endorse with regards to health care? From his Alumni Profile: 

“Riegelman is currently a professor of epidemiology and biostatistics at the George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services. He also holds appointments in medicine and health policy there.” Interesting. So what does he do there?“The objective,” he says, “is not only to teach students personal health and wellness, but to help them understand the bigger picture issues, from environmental health to pandemic flu to healthcare systems.”



6 thoughts on “Bill Gates is also Dr. Richard Riegelman

  1. He also plays a mental health professional who talks about mental illness and the symptoms of it. I think the mental health industry is a fraud! The idea that 2 year old children can be diagnosed with ADHD or Aspergers is just ridiculous! Then they get on medication such as Ritilan which is really a form of crack cocaine! School teachers are also involved in the racket as well because they insist that certain students who don't play sports or who are not active socially have a mental illness. They also insist that because of this they need to be evaluated by a psychiatrist. The teachers must get some kind of a kick back when they refer their students to a psychiatrist. Then they get the kids put on medication that has to be refilled every month CHA CHING! But that's not all. When the medication doesn't work and other problems develop because of the medication, more money is spent to find the cause of the side effects of the medication. The psychiatrists prescribes other forms of medication (crack cocaine) to them, and calls it something different like Aderol. The people behind this fraud need to be exposed! They are making billions off of mental illnesses that don't exist!

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