Leon Panetta and Bernie Madoff are the same man!

The twenty-third U.S. Secretary of the Defense, Leon Panetta is the same man who plays the role of the infamous Bernie Madoff.

Just for a minute consider the sheer monstrosity of this fraud and this lie.  Firstly, here is information on the details of the role of the Secretary of Defense in the United States, including executive command over the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps.  Yikes!

United States Secretary of Defense – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Now, if you look at my previous post on the suggestion that Obama himself is an actor that also plays Osama bin Laden (who actually never existed), it doesn’t surprise us now that he would appoint this character in this statutory office, sixth in line of succession in the chain of command to be President.  So, Bernie Madoff is certainly NOT SITTING IN A FEDERAL PENITENTIARY SERVING A 150-YEAR SENTENCE.  Instead, he is plotting and inflaming another World War starting in Iran, perhaps?  Absolutely disgusting.  Now you know…


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