Underwear Bomber My A$$

Here is the real truth concerning the events surrounding the infamous “Underwear Bomber”.  Of course he was/is merely an actor.  But what is more interesting is the testimony of Kurt Haskell and his wife Lori.  Both actors, one has been identified by Ed Chiarini as Tony Greenberg, (grandson of Maurice Greenberg, real age 96 and ex-CEO of AIG).

Here is Haskell (Greenberg) outright lying to the news media:

Below is “Kurt Haskell” playing with Tony’s little cousin.  Also pictured are Rockefeller Jr. and Sarah Palin/Tina Fey out of character as the real Jennifer Greenberg Sexton:
And here is yet more photographic evidence:

So we can now safely place some names and faces to the well-hinted at fact that the Underwear Bomber episode was a hoax.  Of course we knew it all along, the evidence as we expected would be forthcoming… For even yet more evidence, below is a link to the lawsuit filed by Kurt Haskell against Ed Chiarini for exposing his real identity as Tony Greenberg.  Enjoy!

He also plays the character of Sheriff Paul Babeu who stepped down from running for Congress after Ed exposed who he really is.


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