Mark Zuckerberg is Jacob Michael Greenberg

We all know that Facebook was a CIA/Mossad invention.  Or we should all know by now.  Here’s more proof that Facebook is not what it seems, simply because Zuckerberg is a character played by Jacob Michael Greenberg, grandson of David Rockefeller.  

Shown below is his mugshot upon being arrested for marijuana possession.  Also below is his real family.  You may recognize some of them (Jill Rapaport is really Liz Harmon, Tina Fey is really Jennifer Greenberg Sexton, Arden Wohl is Nurse Nariyah, Alissa Blumberg is real wife of Jeff Rense (Kenney Blumeberg), etc…)

Here’s one of his first gigs as an actor “Dakota”, playing in a hoax news event in Ft. Worth, TX

And Jacob Michael Greenberg has done other acting gigs.  Here he is in a video for an Israeli Video and Film production company around the years 2000-2001:

And you can also find him in the role of Jacob Greaves, a reporter for that fake news channel, Russia Today (RT):

UPDATE:  Could Jacob Greenberg/Mark Zuckerberg also be playing the role of Cale Sampson, Toronto rapper?  Ear, eyes, chin, nose, voice, and Occupy association all seem to check out.


7 thoughts on “Mark Zuckerberg is Jacob Michael Greenberg

  1. Sarah, is this what is being said here? That every tall white kid with a sharp nose is the same guy? Did I say that? Of course not, you are feeding the old "straw man" logical fallacy. Did you miss all the corroborating evidence also found on this blog; such as, who his other family members are? I guess so…

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