Christianity was a Roman Invention

Christians, meet thy God.  His name was Titus, Emperor of Rome.  


“Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s” – indeed.

The Gospels were written as a typo-logical comedy (a joke) for members of the elite Roman aristocracy, and then later used to create a new religion to pacify the illiterate masses of slaves involved in the Messianic movement in Palestine.  I know this is not acceptable to devoted to Christians and it may take a while to be accepted, but it is, nonetheless, the full, unadulterated truth.

The only trustworthy writings we have of Jesus were penned by Josephus, a Jewish scribe for the Flavius family, and a traitor of his own people, even though his own biography is suspect.  He claimed to be among the survivors of mass self-poisoning forced upon the Jews during the sacking of Jerusalem by Titus, who then took him as a prisoner and exchanged his freedom for his help in military intelligence in subduing the rest of Judea.  

If you compare the content of Josephus’ “The War of the Jews” with the sequence of events in the Gospels, you will see that the actions and events described of Titus and his campaign of war in Judea, are exactly the same sequence of actions and events attributed to Jesus in the Gospels.  So, what we have is the greatest fraud ever involving politics and religion.


To further conceal the fraud by the Flavius family who later aspired to and gained the title of “Caesar”, all other writings pertaining to Titus and his father Vespasian were destroyed, including the conspicuous absence of any records by the great historian, Tacitus.

You can obtain a good introduction to the “Flavian Hypothesis” at the link below.  Good luck.

More links to information on the evidence of the POST-JOSEPHUS writing of the Gospels.





8 thoughts on “Christianity was a Roman Invention

  1. I don't give them money, and I'm not afraid to go to hell, none the less – I love Jesus Christ, and I do believe he has come in the flesh, I believe that every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is LORD to the GLORY OF GOD THE FATHER! AMEN AMEN AND AMEN!

  2. Wrong about what, sir? That institutional religions like Christianity are not only fake and unnecessary, but that they have had their day and usefulness and it's time to move on? No, on those points, I am unmoved. We must learn to separate ethics and morality from religion. They are not the same thing. One leads us to progress, the other to the comfort only of our childish need for fairy tales. But I do suspect that the inner circle of the elite who hold this information from us at ransom do not want you to realize this. It is not in their economic interests for the masses to be truly educated or self-motivated, is it? If there is a God (and I do believe in God, just not your particular idea of what God is) it/him/her most absolutely and certainly did not write the Bible.

  3. "But I do suspect that the inner circle of the elite who hold this information from us at ransom do not want you to realize this."James, it seems you have given these "elite" power over you that they had nothad before. Your hoax is a hoax. Priestcraft is a fiction, James. With whatobject or personal advantage would a world-wide body of "elite" seek to imposethemselves upon a people and keep them in intellectual, political and socialsubjection other than the love of money ??? In separating morality from religion you may have inadvertently separatedyour self-realization from reality. We are all on an equal footing down here.RbM

  4. Been seeing this Atwill guy pop up all over the place with his little theory. (Oh, and he charges money for those interested in truth). There is another who was way ahead of this guy and she didn't charge a thing, google her, Susan Maureen Brandt, before she is scrubbed from the net.

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