Julian Assange is Anders Behring Breivik

Once again, the mainstream media is outright fabricating staged events in order to instill fear, take away liberties, and to maintain their grip on your minds.

Future generations may use these events as a case study in how far-reaching the mind control of the media can be, and will serve as a warning to never let this happen again.


Julian Assange is played by the same actor that played Anders Breivik, or at the very least, he posed for a few photos:  This second face is photoshopped using the actor that would step on stage months later to play Anders Behring Breivik on “trial”. 


Photo below of Norwegian policeman assigned to press conference used to impersonate Anders Behring Breivik in the car on his way to the court, 25 July 2011.

The number of “victims” of the island “shooting” was reduced from 90 to 68.  

A third face used to represent the “shooter”.  This photo shows Breivik inside a police car supposedly on his way to the court.

The string of photos here demonstrate that the images have been manipulated in addition to different actors playing the role of Anders Behring Breivik.  The first face shows the younger guy, photoshopped from CIA agent Julian Assange, who plays the role of a freedom fighter in the Wikileaks fraud.  

The second face is used for posing with the guns and with the Freemason clothes. 


2 thoughts on “Julian Assange is Anders Behring Breivik

  1. Hey Nora… use Occam's razor. Eliminate the simplest solutions before you jump to the more complex. It is easier to just act out these parts with players who are present than to design entire generations of trained bloodlines.

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