Obama is Osama, One Actor Two Roles?

I know, I know… you may think that this cannot possibly be true.  And one would ask for cogent evidence before embracing even the slightest hint of a notion that something this outrageous could even be considered for half a merit of truth.

But the worst possible thing we could do is to simply ignore an idea.  History is replete with such mistakes that have held back the progress of civilization because we dare not ask or investigate out of fear of feeling foolish.  So let’s begin:

No birth certificate, executive order to kill Osama without trial, burial at sea.  Very convenient.  Scars on the side of Obama’s head.  All seeming oddities that tie together nicely the conclusion that Osama is actually Obama, or vice versa.  But it cannot be!  Can it?


During the last portion of a famous interview, the Iranian President said that he was certain that Osama was in Washington D.C.!  He is probably an actor too, so that would make such a comment an inside joke, wouldn’t it?


4 thoughts on “Obama is Osama, One Actor Two Roles?

  1. It only makes sense to what happened to Richard Pryor after his fake death in 2005. He played dying Richard and Osama for a few years before he gave up his legendary stage name, Richard Franklin Pryor, which also concludes, that his father really was Frank Marshall Davis… whom ever exposed that fact hit the bulls eye. Although his best friends were Gene Wilder, and Bill Cosby, we know where Bill is, Where is Gene?

  2. His real father was Frank Marshall Davis, His son's name is Tracey Morgan, His name that we were most familiar with is Richard Franklin Pryor who supposed to have died in 2005, but as it appears, only his name died, the man continued to act as Osama, and now Obama.

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