Angelina Jolie and her Many Characters

Let’s see.  Dorien Rose, Eva Rivas, Olivia Wilde, Tiffany Claus, and Octo-mom.  There must be others that I’m missing, but perhaps you can do your own research.

Truly, this isn’t that difficult to fathom.  Angelina Jolie plays many characters, some you may know, some you may not, but here it is for everyone to plainly  see:

Dorien Rose

Eva Rivas

Olivia Wilde

Tiffany Claus


Latest update from Ed Chiarini:

Sarah Winchester of Real Housewives of Orange County:

I believe Angelina Jolie makes a secret appearance in the new film, The Amazing Spiderman.  She looks more like Octomom (Nadya Suleman) than Angelina, but it is almost too obvious it is Angelina once you’ve read the information I present above.  She is listed as Sheila (Subway), the lady who gets her shirt torn off by accident.  Officially, the actress’ name is Tia Texada, who according to IMDB has appeared in only a handful of films.  

Watch this video below and tell me that is not Angelina Jolie:  Tia Texada as Jane Duncroft

UPDATE AUGUST 7, 2012:  Another character this actor plays has been identified.  Most likely from her younger days when she wasn’t so well endowed….

From IMDB:
Tall (5’8″), sexy, and slender brunette stunner Sarah Shevon was born Sarah Booher on July 10, 1984 in Grass Valley, California. The daughter of hippie parents who divorced when she was seven years old, Shevon was raised by her father and was an independent child while growing up. Sarah was involved in theater in middle school and worked at a corporate office job prior to starting out in porn at age 24 in March, 2009 for the adult website In July, 2010 Sarah moved to Los Angeles, California to work for adult film agent/producer Mark Spiegler. Among the notable companies Shevon has appeared in X-rated features for are Evil Angel, Girlfriends Films, Kick Ass Pictures, and Jules Jordan Video.

But wait, there is yet another character to report:  Bethenny Frankel.


14 thoughts on “Angelina Jolie and her Many Characters

  1. Yeah, I am following all of this and believing much of it, but I can blow up the rumor that Jolie is Tia Texada. Tia grew up Tia Tucker, then they gave her the stage name "Tia Texada" so she could appeal to the latin crowd. I can assure you Tia is not Angelina. Her brother Tom was my best friend growing up in Alpharetta, Ga and I spent almost every day with them. I also keep in touch with Tia now. She would be flattered, but I can promise there is no truth to this one.

  2. Homolka. If you're Canadian, the name alone still strikes fear into your heart. Who can forget the trial that shocked the nation in the early 1990s?Karla Homolka, who played a role in the torture and murder of Ontario school girls twenty years ago, and served 12 years in prison for it after striking a deal with prosecutors, has rebuilt her life—and now has three children of her own. – See more at: Homolka: Anderson: After all, who could better play a sexual deviant? Hmmmm…. I also noticed her top lip isn't is only thick due to makeup. Yep I think it's a match, even though I can't find an ear. I also think shes chandler and carmen electra. Wow, what wicked people.

  3. I don't think Angelina is playing Christina Hendricks………..but I believe Rose McGowan just might be!
    She has had no major hits of late, so plenty of time to 'get into character'
    Same pose, same eye contact, same lips – anyone?

  4. Tia Texada,…..sounds soooo much like that Alias girl,…Jennifer Garner,……even does a lot of hand gestures etc like her,…….weird! I see more of Jennifer Garner in her than Angaline Jolie. Plz recheck.

  5. It's one thing to make a long and narrow face wider (maybe?) but to make a square wide face into a long and narrow face? This is totally ridiculous and obviously someone is trying hard to play with our minds and heads.

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