Gerald Celente is a Fraud, aka Avatar Adi Da

Whoa!  How great an actor is this Celente (if that’s his real name).  He disguises his voice really well, but the signature slurring and the spacing between words and vocal gestures are unmistakable.  See for yourself.

Here is the Avatar Adi Da:  LOL, try not to keel over in laughter…

Adi Da talking about la-dee-da

Avatar Adi Da

And here is the same unidentified man in his more familiar role as Celente.  As usual he is peddling his doom and gloom, fear and hysteria.  Does anyone fall for this?  I hope not…

Battlefield USA 2012: Gerald Celente predicts — RT

But don’t forget that RT is a fake news outlet that has been caught faking news… perhaps more on that later…


4 thoughts on “Gerald Celente is a Fraud, aka Avatar Adi Da

  1. The discovery that people are playing multiple roles in the public has made the HOW it is all controlled all fit into place for me. It was hard to imagine how there could be such consensus on virtually everything geopoliticaly and then dallasgoldbug and SeptemberClues showed me clearly that EVERYTHING is fake. People are playing multiple roles in politics and film etc. No one died on 9-11 (thanks septembererclues!) TV is a 80 year long running melodrama with heroes and bad guys. Wow. I get it now! Thank YOU! So my comment here is dallasgoldbug has opened my eyes to the reality of the virtual reality we live in. I agree with his findings probably 90% of the time (of the people he id's that I am familiar with). But THIS one I simply have to reject. There is no way Adi Da is Celente. Not a close match facialy, not similar voice, manerisms or body type. I hope you look at this one closer I say ABSOLUTELY WRONG on this one. But many many dead on, keep it up. Dallasgoldbug if you ever end up reading this, could you answer a question- Is there a reason that in all of your facebook profile photos of you, the symbol of Saturn is present in various forms- on your head scarf, in the building behind you on your ear shot profile photo, your hat in the black and white (why is that photo so poor in quality what is with your beard in that picture?), and your crossed arms, shirt pattern and the CHRONOMETER so prominant on your arm ? It would be soo amazing if you actually honestly answered that question… just say why you have symbols of Chronos/Saturn in all 4 of your photos? Try not to take offence, I admire your work. I just simply was wondering are you doing that on purpose, are you a member of a group? Thanks for your consideration of these questions.

  2. I forgot to mention the cube "soul patch" on Ed's chin in the photo with the head scarf X. Perhaps you Xdisciple could answer just as easily. X is saturn sooo, disciple of saturn? How does one become a Disciple of saturn? Are you born into it or do you join, get invited?Thank you for your consideration of these questions.

  3. Ohhh that’s your opinion and you are entitled to it ! Showing some Indian Guru as Mr Celente, is not very hard to do, as Mr Celente is Italian descent and Italian people (& Romans) originate from India anyway (Indo-European). Does this Swami have a Bronx accent like Mr Celente?

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