Al Gore is a Character played by Bruce Willis

Well, if things couldn’t get any stranger… It’s obvious that they don’t call it “political theater” for nothing.  We see politicians and bureaucrats all the time get up in public and speak in certain robotic and scripted ways using mannerisms that sometimes appear baffling to anyone who is not aware of the PR training that they undergo.  Even professional athletes have to be trained now, just in case, for example, the truth of why so many hockey enforcers suddenly commit suicide accidentally leaks out… But I digress.

The real focus of this blog post is to direct your attention to the notion that there is no dividing line between a politician or a celebrity when it comes to their use by your real rulers to deceive you.  Here is just one of the freshest examples of this FACT for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy:

As you view these other videos below, take careful note of the eye and face gestures and how they are unmistakably similar.  This is Al Gore (actor) criticizing Ron Paul (another actor).

And this is Bruce Willis on Letterman where at the 5:00 minute mark he does an impression and talks about playing politicians without anyone noticing…

You can follow this link to Vimeo below to find out how many actors, celebrites, and internet stars are using their excellent acting skills to fool you with the help of special effects and make-up artistry coupled with cutting-edge prosthetics.



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