Bill C-36 is Draconian. Goodbye, Canada. Hello, Tyranny.

Emily Faubert, a high school student, wrote this piece last year for The Star:

Global Voices: Bill C-36 and the threat to natural medicine –

From Wikipedia: The Canada Consumer Product Safety Act was a Canadian act that passed into law by the Government of Canada on December 14, 2010. This law replaced Part I of the Hazardous Products Act.[1] It was originally introduced in the 2nd session of the 39th Parliament of Canada as Bill C-52. It died in committee when the 2008 Canadian federal election was called, but was reintroduced in the 2nd session of the 40th Parliament of Canada as Bill C-6 and was passed by both houses of Parliament but did not receive royal assent before Parliament was prorogued. It was introduced for a third time in the 3rd session of the 40th Parliament as Bill C-36.

But this is very misleading.  Many feel that one of the many reasons that Harper prorogued parliament was to allow time to divert attention away from the opposition to implementing this bill.  The passing of this sweepingly draconian legislation was heavily downplayed in the mainstream media with hardly a passing mention.  The UN-elected Canadian Senate severely limited debate and in spite of a flood of emails prior to passing the bill, would not even allow a hearing with constitutional and legal expert Shawn Buckley.

Cutting through Bill C-36 propaganda



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