Aleister Crowley Lives !! He is Professor Jeffrey Hart

Crowley is said to have been born in 1875 in England. 
Aleister Crowley – Wikipedia

Jeffrey Hart was born in 1930 in Brooklyn.   
Jeffrey Hart – Wikipedia

Ed Chiarini has identified these two individuals as the same person which would make the Aleister Crowley a fictional character.

So, let’s concentrate on the man behind the fictional character, Professor Jeffrey Hart:  He lives in Lyme, New Hampshire, with his wife, Nancy, who sells quilts at a stand in nearby Quechee, Vermont.  His father was named Clifford and he likes to frequent a certain eatery”Canoe Club” on Main Street with students. – How the Right Went Wrong’ – Supreme Fiction

Jeffrey Hart, professor of English emeritus at Dartmouth College and senior editor at National Review, was a speechwriter for Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. He is the author, most recently, of The Making of the American Conservative Mind: National Review and Its Times.

And he doesn’t seem to like Bush Jr. that much!
Idéologie has taken over – Jeffrey Hart

But he really loves Obama!
Obama is the Real Conservative – The Daily Beast


3 thoughts on “Aleister Crowley Lives !! He is Professor Jeffrey Hart

  1. ur an idiot they are different people, they dont look nothing alike besides baldness , aliester was a drug fiend and occultist, sex addict and a bisexual ,and he hated god , jeffery hart is… well a professer

  2. This is definitely one of the most important finds by Ed Chiarini. Because if I had never seen that photo of Hart, I would NEVER have suspected that Crowley was fake, not even for a second. This find, along with Tony Greenberg playing the fake Nazi Werner Molders, are a sign of how bad our situation is. Because it shows that it is possible for these people to add a completely fictional character into the history books, make that character famous, and have the public believe they are a real person. And so the person who created that character gets remembered as a legend and leaves a mark in the history books forever…But that mark is nothing but lies. Like in the case of Hart here. This brings up the question: How many OTHER historical figures that we learned about in school are fictional? We'll probably never know. Jeffrey Hart has very intricately crafted a story around this Crowley character, whose works were most likely written by Hart himself nonetheless. And being a college english professor, he has obviously gotten his friends who are biographers to publish biographies under very “credible” publishing companies for him to give Crowley legitimacy. It really was a brilliant thing to do on his part. Because certainly, nobody is going to remember Jeffrey Hart 100 years from now. But people will definitely remember Aleister Crowley, and there are even people who will dedicate their entire lives to studying him, and studying Thelema, never knowing they wasted their lives on a fiction.

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