Government Is Not Civilization, It Is Slavery

As a race of intelligent beings, we are anything but.

One of the most pervasive misconceptions in our culture is the idea that “government” has anything to do with the structure or organization that we see in our society. This is one of the primary reasons why people have such a difficult time considering the very real possibility of a world without the organization known as “government.” – Government Is Not Civilization, It Is Slavery

We are hopelessly lost.  We need direction.  More than pleasure, more than comfort, even more than mere survival, we need purpose, we need MEANING.

Some of you find it in worshiping your government, following rules, performing rituals, obeying the prevailing authority.  You are taught that the rule of law is as important as the procedure of law.  But you have been betrayed…

Fully 75% of all prescriptions, pharmacists say, are for anxiety drugs.  When will you finally arrive at the realization that all wars are for your mind?  There is only one war, and there is no enemy.

The Stages of Spiritual Growth:    The Stages Of Spiritual Growth: M. Scott Peck. Abridged by Richard Schwartz | Factnet NewsSite and Discussion Forum


2 thoughts on “Government Is Not Civilization, It Is Slavery

  1. It is not the government per se who enslaves us. It is those above government. For example, the Greenberg family, who is responsible for all the fake events in the USA and around the world more recently, and all the families that Ed Chiarini has identified as these actors in media and politics (

    Important to note also, that we are not enslaved YET. There is endless propaganda about us being enslaved now, but this is not true. We are presently working up to a global event, after which many peoples of the world (ie those who live in the countries which make up the Beast), will be enslaved due to war, QE, martial law and the rfid chip. But, we are relatively free for now.

  2. the state is essentially just a stupid parasite that rather than keeping it's host (the public) alive to feed on indefinitely, it grows so large that it kills the host then self-destructs

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