Whitney Houston, Gayle King and Symbolic Ritual Sacrifice

Only Whitney Houston’s character has been killed off.  The actor that portrayed her is carrying on as Gayle King.  Same weight, same height, and skin tone.  It was a business decision.  It was decided (probably by Raffles van Exel), that no significant profit in resurrecting the singing career of Whitney Houston could be perceived, so they decided to relinquish that character and begin a new one as a talk show host.  And with the blessing of Oprah Winfrey, it was almost assured that the plan would work.  And it did.

Surely, the music industry is all about making money from catchy tunes.  Well, it turns out that is just a side benefit.  The main purpose is mind control of the masses.  By clicking on the link below, you will enter a world you’ve perhaps only suspected briefly at some point in your life, when something about the music industry just didn’t seem right… like squeaky clean and innocent Whitney Houston hooking up with someone like Bobby Brown, for example?

You have been warned.  This is the red pill.  There is no going back to your ignorant bliss.  The question is always:  Do you really want to know?  You know my answer.  Be free…

Whitney Houston, the Devil in the Details & The Satanic Sacrifice of the Symbolic Black Diva


17 thoughts on “Whitney Houston, Gayle King and Symbolic Ritual Sacrifice

  1. Tony is playing Oliver Stone's son too… I just noticed that the other day… He acts like an idiot saying he wants an OCCUPY TEHRAN, so I'm sure we'll see some fake footage on RT saying it's part of Occupy Iran here soon. I don't think that guy sleeps.

  2. Satan is only a problem if you believe in God. In my view, as someone who does not believe in God but with respect for those who do, God, Satan and spirits in general are inventions to make people afraid and 'meek', as the bible itself says, ie. to enslave them.

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