The Cancer Solution

Spanish: Graviola. English: Soursop


There is no ONE cure for cancer, because each type of cancer is a separate and unique disease all its own, but the greatest unifying characteristic of all cancers is that the prime cause is the replacement of normal oxygen respiration of body cells by an anaerobic (lacking in oxygen) cell respiration.  Which leads to the obvious and time-tested observation that there are numerous cures for cancer.

 The ‘cancer establishment’ is a network of extremely powerful and wealthy companies whose members sit on the boards of many non-profit organisations.  They literally control and direct all cancer research within the USA and throughout the world……Although these centres are non-profit they serve their masters by suppressing most, if not all, non-patentable treatments in favour of the expensive treatments therapies that have wrought havoc with patients while losing the war against cancer.”—Dr Willner 

 The Cancer Solution by Dr. Robert Willner


One thought on “The Cancer Solution

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