Antoine Bechamp VS. Louis Pasteur

Antoine Bechamp

Allow me to introduce to you Antoine Bechamp.  This man was the humble yet giant intellect behind the heavily popularized Louis Pasteur.  The two were locked in a struggle for decades.  Louis Pasteur stole, plagiarized, and exploited the patient, thorough, and brilliant work of Antoine Bechamp, his contemporary.  A writer by the name of E. Douglas Hume (actually a female writer that had to take the name of a man to get published at the time in 1832) chronicled the life of Antoine Bechamp as the most respected researcher and teacher in all of France!  How strange that his name is hardly if ever mentioned in our “free” educational system!

It was Bechamp’s view that it was not the bug that caused disease, but rather the condition in which bugs lived. Disease happens when an imbalance causes some of the more pathological that is, bad, bacteria to take over. What causes that? Low resistance, weak immune system. Seems like such a simple idea, but that is really the foundation of the whole controversy all along. In the end, everyone, even Pasteur, agreed that bugs – bacteria and viruses – do not alone cause disease. – Tim O’Shea

For a detailed look into how modern medicine went awry with the Germ Theory of Disease, please see the link below.  It just might enlighten your outlook on the nature of disease and its prevention and treatment.

 The Post-Antibiotic Age


2 thoughts on “Antoine Bechamp VS. Louis Pasteur

  1. Apropos the Pasteur Institute scams, check out the articles of Henri-Claude Saint-Fleur, the only person to sort out the HIV scam from the get-go. Tres amusant.

    For the medical perspective, visit the site of The Perth Group.

  2. It is very interesting to me that antibiotics were invented at the very same time that we ditched the beneficial primitive diets which provided incredible health to the masses for 1000s years in favour of junk food including the 'essential' process of Pasteurisation / sarc (Weston Price book on Nutrition and Physical Degeneration), and at the same time as the industrial revolution led to production of all types of modern conveniences for the masses to strive to buy, while religion and paper money reached hyperdrive. Our world stolen from us in many ways at once during the last 100 years. Get ready for the holographic alien invasion, ww3 and one world government.

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