Princess Diana, Diane Downs, Linda Joslin, Kathleen Sebelius and Jean Broke-Smith

To clarify:  The actor that played the role of the Princess is still alive.  We are dealing here with an actor who plays many roles.  The evidence is the ear.  It is the same in all 5 individuals identified:

Princess Diana – You know who she was
Diane Downs – Infamous criminal
Linda Joslin – UK radio host
Jean Broke-Smith – Etiquette expert
Kathleen Sebelius – Former governor of Kansas

There are a lot of things that the actor behind the persona of Diana was hiding, and during this interview she is desperately trying to tell us.  You must read between the lines and watch her eyes.  And listen closely to her voice.  You will see…


Thanks to Ed Chiarini, aka Dallasgoldbug, we know that Diana currently plays the role of UK radio host, Linda Joslin:


And in a case that spread fear and confusion to small towns across America, Diana played the character of Diane Downs, who was found guilty of killing her own small children.  Totally fake.


And in her latest role, she plays the Queen of Etiquette, Jean Broke-Smith.  Tone and pitch of voice is disguised but the thorough pronunciation of the trailing consonants is distinctly Diana.


8 thoughts on “Princess Diana, Diane Downs, Linda Joslin, Kathleen Sebelius and Jean Broke-Smith

  1. Take these pictures of me down, otherwise you are going to be in court. No scientist would put up this sort of defamation of character without at least a little bit of proof – have you listened to the interviews I did with Ed? Have already reported this as abuse but I would suggest you take it down now before I go further through the UK courts. Linda Joslin – google me watch the videos then tell me I am these women?

  2. Princess! I am honoured to have received your message, Your Highness. I never would have imagined in all humility that I would have had the privilege of one day capturing the attention of Princess Diana Herself!It is very telling indeed that you are threatening me. Why would you need to do this? The answer to that question is obvious. I have indeed studied the videos and interviews very closely: Voice match, Eyes Match, Ears Match, Project Camelot incrimination by association. Check, check, check. It would have to be a Kangaroo Court to not see the photographic and plain evidence.My sincere question to you and your kind is this: Why are you doing this to us? Do you have any conscience whatsoever? Do you really view us all as "sheeple" to be trampled upon like dirt? It's time to come clean while there is still time to salvage any hope of reconciliation with your own humanity. I would welcome your comments – disciple.

  3. I believe Navratilova is Christine Lagarde, IMF Chief. The voices are a good match. The eyes are similar to Diana's. Perhaps it is the same actor performing all these roles!

  4. So Joslin is Martina Navratilova is Lady Di? Hard to believe, but possible considering the other information I've seen. Amazing actress if its true. There is a resemblance between Martina and Diana. Joslin not so much, but maybe that is make-up and perspective. Joslin is a suspicious character, and most new agers are scam artists. Lady Diana was obviously an act, and Martina was always in the news pushing the same issues as the rest of the family. Would that mean tennis is rigged or were they competing?

  5. Maybe I'm caught up on something frivolous, but I don't see Joslin as Lady Di. Too frumpy. I do see her as a fraud and connected to the shenanigans. Somebody commented that Joslin is Hannah Rothschild. That looks like a better match to me. I think she could also be Stacey Herbert. Max Keiser's sidekick. I can't find any ear photos of Stacey so hard to say.

  6. What kind of nutbar would even contemplate acting as a child killer? Trying desperately to tell us something? Right. Just another foolish act she was putting on. "Amazing actress"? Nothing amazing about wearing a disguise and lying. I caught a lot of flak for pointing out something's just not right with that woman. Now, ahhhhhhhhh. I feel absolutely terrific when I show people the evidence. This thing (I can't call it a lady) is an embarassment to women everywhere. It's sad she squandered the precious gift of the feminine to protect and nurture life.

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