A New Chapter

Today marks the beginning of a new chapter.  Are you ready?  I have dedicated this blog to my readers.  This place will be a sanctuary.  It will be a venue in which your true feelings can be shared without fear.  I seek a common bond with you.  I offer you my promise that the author of this blog will never compromise with or be compromised by nefarious interests commonly viral within the environs of the blogosphere.  

I seek the truth and nothing less.  I live to know.  Let us share our knowledge together and create a better world for our posterity.  And in the process, better understand ourselves and our place in the cosmos.  Because there are those among us who would go to great lengths to hide this information from us.

I am fully supportive of cursing the darkness, but I also agree that we should light a candle.  Anyone got a match?  Light ‘er up….!


27 thoughts on “A New Chapter

  1. A Message From Your Unconscious————————————————- I am your Soul, and I have no place.You know me, although you have forgotten who I am. You have known me since before the Ancient Time, before time, as we know it, began.Now I slide away from your consciousness. I slip around in the darkness of your unconscious. You don’t want to know me anymore.You have come to believe that I am evil and a partner of the One who is called Evil. But I am not. I am only your Soul.Listen, while I still live. Because if you do not, I will die soon. And when I die, you cannot live because we are one, though separated.Let me tell you who I am. Try hard to hear me. Open your Heart for just a moment and feel the truth. For your sake as well as mine. Next: The Secret Battle

  2. THE SECRET BATTLE—————————————————————————————————————————————————————-THE MOTHER'S CALL We are like prisoners during war. We are behind enemy lines, captives. We are vulnerable. Although we are not strong and we can be easily led and frightened, I ask you now to take tiny steps to save yourself. I will be with you every step, but I cannot do it for you. No one can do it for you. There will be no savior coming to help us. We are alone in this fight and we must help each other.But we can become strong. Together we can heal and reclaim all that we are including our freedom. And when we have become strong enough, we will stand together and make so powerful a change that the heavens will respond!Until then, do not be known. Stay near me and I will lead you through the maze where we are captives. I will lead you as gently as I can. I have already reclaimed much of myself and I can help you. And then you will help me.I have four weapons to give you in our fight to survive. These four weapons are Remembering, Accepting Your Feelings, Changing your Beliefs and Making New Decisions. Used properly, these weapons will bring you back to who you really are. They will give you a chance to live and live as you were meant to live. I have five tools to give you in our fight to survive.I will teach you how to use these weapons and these tools. They are all that you need to take back your life and win this war we are in. | Weapons | Tools |http://cyquest.com/pathway/secret_battle.html

  3. The Dance of Spirit & SoulOr The Power to Create Your Reality——————————————————————————–WHAT ARE WE TRULY AFTER? For most people emotional healing starts with a desire to merely be free of pain. For many of us that's as far as we can get. Just let the pain stop, please! But beyond stopping the pain is a deeper desire, and a deeper motivation, a stronger reason to commit to emotional healing.We desire to reclaim our birthright.We desire to reclaim our divinity.We DESIRE to create.At our deepest core we want, not just the ability to make new decisions and have true freedom of response, but the ability – the power – to create our reality anew, moment by moment, based on how we feel, and not on eons of frozen judgments and backlogged emotion.WHERE IS THE POWER? The Dynamic HeartWithin each of us is powerful machinery. (I say machinery, although this energy is not mechanical. But this imagery will work for the moment.) This machinery listens to our every feeling, every thought, and has the power to outpicture every image, every desire. It magnetizes our world, drawing to us things and people and situations. It creates new forms out of the ether and dust, it has the power to generate virtually anything we can imagine.Why then, is every day a struggle to survive? Why is life a moment by moment ever-striving to earn the precious dollar to buy the precious fuel to feed our faces and have a roof over our heads? What goes wrong with the machinery, that we are outpicturing such limiting, compressed, victim-filled realities?The good news is, the machinery is working fine. There's nothing wrong with the machinery. It is doing its job. It is simply acting on what is being fed into it. It responds to thoughts and images and strong feelings by producing a magnetic field, a thought form, a reality. It draws things into reality and holds them there, based on the strength of the emotion involved. And that's all it does. That is its only job, and it does that job non-stop, 24 hours a day. It doesn't judge whether the thoughts and images and feelings are good or bad, it doesn't judge whether the reality it is producing is good or bad. It simply reproduces, on a large scale, what is being fed into it by our spirit (mind) and soul (emotions).The problem is not that the machinery is doing a bad job. The problem is we have not understood how the machinery works. We have consistently tried to reprogram the machinery as if it were a computer that could just be told what we want. We have used positive thinking, affirmations, meditations, rituals, formal judgment release, goal setting, etc., etc. – in other words, we have been using primarily mental tools on a primarily emotional system – without taking into account HOW THE MACHINERY WORKS, or what other sources of input the machinery might be receiving behind our conscious awareness. Even those who have discovered that the machinery responds better to imaging and sound and feeling have tried to reprogram it from a primarily mental place, resisting the knowledge that the TRUE go-juice is emotion.

  4. THE SOUL PROVIDES THE FUEL Emotional GO-JuiceCreative power isn't a function of the mind. It isn't a function of the spirit. True creative POWER comes from the Will, the Soul, the Emotional Body. Within the realm of the soul is the creative juice and magnetic power to draw your reality together inch by inch, cell by cell, and hold it together as long as your desire gives it fuel. It is the emotion, the strong desires and imagery, that is the true creative go-juice.The mind can give structure and deliniation to our creations. Mind can drive the car. But it is the soul that provides the gas, that feeds the furnace of our creative machinery and gives the emotional fuel needed to really get things happening. The mind has been given sole credit for this creative ability. But when the visions of the mind fail to produce any lasting change in our reality, where do we begin to look for answers? What is going wrong?

  5. WHAT'S THE PROBLEM? The mind has not understood the true creative power of the emotions, and has not wanted to share the seat of power. In the past, mind has blamed the emotions for its failure to hold together the reality it wanted, as if the emotions were working against mind's attempts to create. Mind has believed the emotions were a "lower" vibration and needed to be molded or disciplined into submission. Mind has consistently tried to suppress the power of desire that should be flowing from body through the soul like a living flame.Unfortunately, one cannot force emotions into submission. There is great power there, even in a state of denial, even heavily judged and cast out, and that power cannot be ignored. Mind must step down now, mind must realize that its role in creating our reality is as participant and assistant, not as tyrant or ruler.Misunderstandings about how the machinery works, and about the nature of emotions themselves, have worked to keep us in chains for long enough. Changing these wrong beliefs and healing ourselves enough to truly begin the Divine Dance is the task we are given now in the times to come.We have been blind to the enormous amount of emotional backlog that the soul holds that needs healing. Think about how much pain is accumulated in a single lifetime. All that pain — judged, suppressed, unexpressed, unaccepted, shoved aside, shoved OUT — has not really gone anywhere. It is attached to us by a silver rubber band, and it feeds the machinery of our Dynamic Heart whether we are conscious of it or not, whether we want it to or not. We cannot just "get rid" of all this backlog of emotion. The farther away we think we are from our pain, the harder the backlog will hit us when the rubber band finally snaps back. THAT is what is being fed into our machinery, without our conscious knowledge, day after day, 24-7. THAT is what is creating our current reality.Without the understanding that this backlog can be healed, and how it can be healed, mind concluded wrongly that the emotions were unhealable little tyrants, refusing to "get with the program", and working devilishly to subvert mind's creations. Listen up, mind! Emotions can heal! They are not the demons you have believed for so long. But you must let go of your judgments and assumptions. Emotions do not work like the mind does. What emotions need to do to heal is completely different from mind. And mind cannot dictate this, or change it, or make it be any different just by wanting it to be so. It's time for this enforced slavery of the emotions to end.The greatest misunderstandings of this creative process stem from the dislike, blame, and even hatred, the mind has for the emotional side of the universe.

  6. If we want to reclaim our power and be able to create the reality we really want, we must commit to healing our emotional body, to reclaiming all our lost essence. We must respect the power of the Soul, and the rights of the emotions to heal the way they were meant to. We must lift the restrictions and judgments that have lain so heavy on the emotions for so long. We must bring spirit and soul back into balance. Added to these misunderstandings, and making our situation MUCH worse, is that a great majority of us have forgotten or denied that we have a Dynamic Heart at all. We sink into perpetual victimhood, believing that we are powerless in our own lives – a belief that is constantly reinforced by living under the web of lies and lifetime after lifetime of being victimized by those who want to harvest and use the power of this creative, magnetic energy. The essence we don't have with us, the emotional essence we have denied (or suppressed or cast out) is being used as food and fuel for the Gamers and Sharks. And the empty places within us where the missing essence should be is an opening for the Gamers to fill with lies. They use our soul and give us false feelings in place of our own missing essence. Likewise, they fill in gaps in our minds and provide us with a false consciousness that is tyrant and critical mind.This means that all of us are living confused and blind, believing in a reality created by our own denied pain, made more confused and complicated by lies and manipulations fed into our machinery by the Gamers.How can we remove the confusion and the lies and reclaim our ability to create our own reality?

  7. HOW CAN WE FIX IT? We can make changes to our reality on a temporary basis by diligent use of the mental tools. I have seen them work, I know it's true. Goal setting and positive affirmations will work, on a limited basis. Don't be fooled, however, by small gains. Don't be fooled into thinking that's all there is to it. After a period of time, your reality will revert back to whatever is being held in your sub/unconscious, within the deep pools of hidden, buried, long-ignored and forgotten painful emotions.

  8. The Temporary DanceA word is a powerful thing. It can carry and empower the juice of the emotion, or it can limit and suppress and judge. Be careful what words you use, be careful how you contain and limit yourself by your words. Our minds have become accustomed to dominating our feelings. We constantly define our emotional reality with judgmental words, instead of listening with our mind/spirit to what the soul/emotions have to say. We are badly out of balance, as a planet. Those who would keep us in a state of slavery don't want us to remember our own creative machinery. They certainly don't want us to begin to heal our emotional bodies, or reclaim lost essence that they are feeding on!But that is the path to our own freedom. And thankfully, it is within our power, now, today. It's not magic, and it doesn't require great wisdom. You don't have to read all the books ever written, or learn complicated techniques. You don't have to pay enormous amounts of money to a guru or therapist. Even the smallest, most beaten down, most helpless and victimized essence can cry. Even the most mental, in-denial, terrified-of-pain essence can cry. The ability to heal ourselves is within our bodies. We are born with it, by some great miraculous gift. If every adult could tap into what their body knew as an infant, the planetary healing would be swift and magical.

  9. This is your mission, should you choose to accept it. To find and heal every ounce of yourself, to bring acceptance to each and every hidden or lost part, allow each and every part to cry and remember and … to bring your Spirit and Soul into balance. To reclaim your power to create your own reality.For a period of time it will be necessary to learn to do the dance between soul and spirit with emphasis and focus on healing the soul. That doesn't mean spirit or mind should be neglected. Balance is the key. But for periods of time, we will need to swim deeply in the oceans of emotion and allow them to speak and cry all that they have been holding.The dance, for today, might look something like this:1) Want Something. There is something you want. Something you want to have or do or be. It may be something small, or something large. The important thing is that you WANT it. There is desire or need.2) Picture yourself having/doing the thing you want. Imagine it as if it were real, now, today. Bring to this image all the desire you feel for it, and let yourself imagine the joy not only of having this thing, but of being able to manifest it.3) Feel whatever you feel. This won't be easy. The natural result of the mind picturing something good, something that is desired, will be to "trigger" all the things in the basement that are contrary to this image or desire. You may feel unworthy of having it enraged at or jealous of others who have it despairing of ever being able to have it powerless afraid of having it afraid of being punished for wanting it afraid of being punished for trying to get itYou get the idea. Whatever feelings surface as a result of your imaginings, let them surface. DO NOT TRY TO CORRECT THEM OR CHANGE THEM. Let the feelings express as deeply and as thoroughly as you can. This may take some time. It may need to be done in bits and spurts, in baby steps. And that's perfectly alright.

  10. You may find that you can cry through a layer of pain and then you reach a plateau where you feel unable to dig deeper. This may be time to pull some of the tools for overcoming resistance out of your hat, or perhaps it's time to try another mental tool. 4) Release Jugdments. Perhaps you find that one of the things keeping you in place is a belief. You may need to spend some time concentrating on the judgments at this point. Formal judgment release may be simply an affirmation that goes contrary to the belief you're holding. For instance, a belief that you are unworthy can be countered by affirming, "I AM worthy, I deserve abundance (power, love, etc. etc.)". 5) Feel What You Feel. Once again, doing this task will trigger old pain. Let the feelings surface, whatever they are, without stoppering or judging or questioning. Let yourself cry deeply as much as you can.6) Re-evaluate Your Desire / Reality. Once you've moved a big chunk of old pain, your soul has new openings and softenings, and frozen places become warm and alive again. You may find NEW desires awakening. The thing you desired at the start of the Dance may not seem so desireable anymore. You may find yourself abandoning one project and moving on to a new goal. This is an integral part of the dance! The truth is, we can't know fully what we desire until we have all of our parts back with us, unfrozen and healed. So for the time being, this process will be one of … activating desire with the purpose of triggering old stuff, letting the old stuff cry through to full healing, and then activating more/new desire, getting triggered, releasing the judgments in the way, trying again, pushing forward, never giving up, but always always always the focus is to find all the hidden and dark places where pain is trapped or forgotten or frozen. Bring it all to healing and light. And THEN we can really know what we really want. THEN the real dance can begin. THE DANCE The Dance of Spirit and SoulOur Creative Heart is meant to manifest the result of the dance between our mind and our emotions. This dance was meant to be a balanced back-and-forth dance of love and respect, each side giving of its talents and essence, and feeding equally into the little-God machinery that we ARE… creating forms and realities of our own making.Since this dance has never been performed properly or with balance, it's impossible to predict what we are capable of. Until we fully heal our emotional body and bring our Spirit and Will into balance, we can only get a glimpse of the possibilities. Think of it…The Soul feels a nameless, formless desire, a wanting without a name. It aches within her, a hunger. The Spirit feels her desire, responds to her, listens to her. She reveals all her feelings to him, expressing and showing him images of her innermost self. Spirit responds with love, embracing and surging with her, filling all her nooks and crannies with light and helping her to help him to understand. He gives words to her formless aching. The nameless thing now has a name, a word. It exists in linear space and time, within a container of light.With a name given to her Desire, if it pleases her, the Soul surges forth and fills the form with more emotion, more desire. Her golden light and his white light combine, form and structure filled with strong emotion and brilliant colorful imagery are fed into the creative manifestation machinery…. and something new comes into being. Without the structure and light, creations are produced that are chaotic, hard to understand, hard to see, slow moving and dark. Without the emotion and desire, creations are produced that are rigid, colorless, without life or fire, creations that form and then fall apart, without the magnetic energy needed to hold them together.Both Spirit and Soul are needed in this glorious dance. It is the creative dance of the Great Joining, and it is an altogether divine thing. http://cyquest.com/pathway/create_reality.html

  11. Your Heart Matters. Does this sound familiar?"If I can just figure it all out, then I'll be okay." "Then I'll be safe." "Then I can figure out a way to be happy."In theory, it doesn't sound like such a bad idea. You DO need to know what's going on; to be aware.But awareness comes from the heart as well as the head.They're both equally important.Doesn't seem like it, though. We've been taught and conditioned – practically since birth – to focus on our thoughts and to ignore our feelings.When you shut out your feelings, your begin to buildwalls around your heart. As you come to believe one of the Big Lies of society -"Feelings are bad and wrong and you must do everything you can to shut them out and lockthem away"…then your heart appears to wither like a plant deniedwater. Remember the one-hundred-year-old classic by James Allen – "As A Man Thinketh"? If you haven't read it,the whole book can be summed up in one sentence -Thoughts create reality.Which isn't such a bad idea.Now could you imagine a book called -"As A Woman Feeleth"?Yeah, I thought it was funny too. But when you gotthrough laughing would you buy the book? Most people wouldn't. Who cares what a woman'feeleth'?

  12. In today's society, thinking equals strength; whilefeeling equals weakness.Look where it's gotten us. Could you even IMAGINE a more dysfunctional society?Keep ignoring your feelings, and you won't have to imagine. Cause you'll be living it!Here's why you need a strong heart as well as a strong head:Your head activates and stimulates; while your heart generates and receives.Your head rationalizes and justifies; while your heart creates a higher order of being – beyond logic.Your head attempts to dominate and control; while your heart loves, allows and embraces.Bottom line – your heart creates the space and yourhead fills the space.Your heart can incubate your dreams. But so many have lost touch with their own heart;abandoning it as they were forced to deny their own feelings.By a society that allows no room for matters of the heart.When you ignore or deny your heart, it creates separation. Separation leads to pain.It hurts to not feel your heart. Now would be a good time to start changing things.When you balance your heart with your head, you can reduce and even eliminate that pain.Here's one way to start:Imagine your heart as a chamber (which it is) – more real than your physical body.See it as being REAL. Visualize it.Imagine you're standing next to it.Now look at what's currently in your heart. Don'tjudge what you see. Invest the time to look closelyand closer. Look deeply; beyond the obvious.Don't settle for the knee-jerk answer -"Oh yeah, my heart's cold!"Look deeper.Develop the habit of looking at your heart.Next, reach out and touch your heart. You won'thurt it. Not any worse than you already have.Start by touching the outside membrane of the chamber of your heart. Just imagine yourselfstanding next to your heart, imagine what it looks like, and then imagine yourself reachingout to it.There's no 'right' way or 'wrong' way to do it; it's simply a matter of doing it 'your' way.You can develop a relationship with your heart.Like a teenage couple – awkward at first – but theykind of figure it out, don't they?You can start out in a similar way with your heart.You don't NEED to know how to reconnect withyour heart. You'll find there's such a strong attraction between the two of you that it just sortof works itself out.Once you get started.You'll find your heart longs for you as much as youlong for it. Like a magnetic attraction. Like two teenagers in the back of a Chevy.You'll find the pain doesn't come from your heart.The pain comes from the separation.And for many people, there's an actual wall creatingthe separation.If you'd like to remove that wall, go to -http://www.healing-emotional-pain.com/page3.htmAnd for more background information, go to -http://www.healing-emotional-pain.com/page2.htmall the best,MarkMark Ivar MyhreThe Emotional Healing Coach

  13. What blocks your processing efforts?After my last article on processing, I received the following question:"thanks mark i just tried this it really helped out alot with sorting my thoughts.Is there a right way to do it because it seems like im writing to myself."I assume this question refers to processing in general, and not the brand new Power Processing technique I just made available. But my answer should help out either way.First of all, it's helpful to have a goal in mind when you sit down to process. Possible goals would include:1. I'm bored and I want to do something productive with my time rather than just watch TV.2. I want to bleed off some unpleasant emotion such as anger or frustration or fear or hurt.3. I want to understand myself better.4. I want to improve some area of my life.5. I want to express my love or joy or happiness in a productive way so it doesn't just slip away.6. I want to grow and change and heal myself.7. I'm curious to know exactly what my raw materials are around a particular topic.

  14. The Web of Lies
    January 2000



    There is a web that hovers over and around our planet… interlocking spires of stickyness, a tapestry woven out of our own denials. We cannot pretend it doesn’t exist. We cannot pretend it is an illusion. It IS real. What we CAN do is cry our pain, own our denied emotions, all of them.

    Do not fear any part of you, bring all of your self within and let each piece cry through you and with you and become a part of you again. Little by little, as the energy/essence of these denied parts comes home to you to heal, you will see their energy/essence drop away from the web. It is this that holds the web together. Your own denials are the walls of your prison. Your own living parts have been used to weave the web. There is no other way out. Move the pain. FEEL the hatred of others, cry the terror of death and the deep self-hatred buried in you long ago.

    You are held in this web like flies … stuck and drugged into sleep. The web covers you like a blanket and uses your own denial to keep you asleep. It lulls and murmers, promising comfort and peace if you will only comply, quit fighting, accept the structure … like a good little soldier. If that doesn’t work, it taunts you with your own self-hate and guilt. Two of the most powerful tools it has to use against you. If that doesn’t work, it threatens you with pictures that stir your terror. Pain, torture, death.

    In order to wake up from this sleep it is essential that you remember who you are. You must remember ALL of yourself. It is that simple. And yet it is very complex. To find all the ways the web holds you in thrall would take a lifetime. The evidence of it is in your lives, your limitations. Look and see… how are you blocked and boxed in and kept down and limited? It’s not necessary to find all the tiny threads of the web in you… it is only necessary to begin to wake up. To begin to stir. Remember. Somewhere deep within you there is a memory of music and color and magic and plenty. There is a deep longing within you for something you may believe is only a dream. It is not a dream. THAT is true awakeness.

    Waking up won’t be a quick or easy transition. I have great fear of this time. For some of you, there will be a period of clawing and fighting against the chains that bind. It will be easier for you if you stop often, let yourselves cry. I do not say don’t fight, for that is your nature, and you are an important part of the vanguard. But I do want to caution you. if you do not stop and cry, frequently, daily if possible, you will be caught in the web by your own denials and brought down by your own reversals. Acknowledge and feel your fear, especially your fear of failure, and the self-hate that lies beneath it. For those are the things the enemy will use against you to try to keep you down.

    It will help if you can think of the web as a living thing. It IS made up primarily of your own parts. Your own denied essence. The enemy has woven his web very cleverly. He has convinced your denied essence that YOU are the enemy, and all attempts to break the web will feel to them like a personal attack. Some of this essence is quite awake, but thoroughly brainwashed and believing the web is reality. But much of the essence there is asleep or in a coma, kept alive just enough so that their essence continues to feed the web. Rescue them! My heart cries. Rescue them!

    Since there is still so much of you in brainwashed bondage, it is best if you can run your war quietly. Let your main weapon be tears. Let your chief target be the denied essence that sleeps. It can still hear you. Call to it. Tell it you long for it and want healing. Since this essence is the least awake, it therefore is not in The Enemy’s eye as much, and the possibility for reversal is less. These parts are broken Soul — your fear, your anguish, your heartbreak, your rage — call to them, draw them to you and let them cry. Do not target the soldiers you see in the foreground. These are also your parts, yes, but these parts are so full of rage and twisted denial that they are The Enemy’s main tools.

    The more essence you pull back from the web, the weaker the web will become. This won’t happen overnight. At first – like right now – you will feel like nothing is changing and hopelessness will threaten to overwhelm you. Please don’t give up. Even the soldiers can be brought back and healed, once they feel the floor slipping out from under them. You will draw back the primary essence that holds the web in place. You will then be able to build a new world.

    This sounds very airy fairy. You want day to day living advice. That is very hard for me to do, since solutions, proper solutions, should come from your own Soul. So, then, this is my advice. Ask your Soul for help. Ask your Spirit for help. And ask God for help. The help may not come in a way you like or expect.

    Until all your denial and backlog has been healed, you will not be able to fully connect to the big picture.

    Forget magic seeming solutions, like gambling or winning the lottery. Those things make you instantly, HIGHLY visible and the web will close around you as surely as you breathe. And I do not recommend withdrawing from your governments in any visible or revolutionary way.

    Right now, it’s like you are working in a fog, a dense cloud surrounds you, and just a few steps in any direction will be clear sky. Your primary job is twofold: heal your denied essence, and stay alive to heal your denied essence. It’s not necessary for you to be rich or live in a mansion. That is not the primary goal here. The goal is to remember. Heal. Cry. Wake up. All you have to do is bring in enough food and shelter to be comfortable while you heal, cry, remember and wake up.

    To that end, you may have to do things WITHIN the web, for a time, that you do not like. For a time a compromise is needed. Find something you can do that does not feel like swift and certain death. Find something you can do from home, in the safety of your own room, if possible. Enlist the help of your spirit parts to find a solution. Then let your Soul express how it feels about that solution. It will be good practice, as well as good triggering.

    The backlog in your feelings is clogging and clouding your Soul’s ability to find creative solutions. How do you plow through that backlog? One way to get things moving is through your imagination. The imagination is one of the least filtered doorways to your Soul. You can send messages to your Soul, in the same way your Soul can send messages to your consciousness through dreams and visions.

    Try to think of something you want, to do or be or have. Imagine in your mind having that thing or doing it or being it. Try to imagine it as vividly as possible, make it real to your subconscious. Do this every day for a period of days. I guarantee things will begin to erupt within you. One of two things will happen. Either you will instantly feel the pain that is blocking this from becoming reality and you will cry, or you will see the pain outpictured in your reality in some way. It depends on how blocked your concious mind is from your Soul.

    By this process you stir your denied pain, and it begins to rise up and be alive. It automatically seeks a way to heal and express. If you listen and feel it and allow it to cry, it does not need to use any other means to get your attention. If you turn away and pretend it’s not there, the pain in your subconscious/denied emotions, will find a way to get your attention. I urge you to try the first road. I URGE you to listen. Knowing full well that some of the blocks in place are below your awareness. They cannot always just be brushed aside. You cannot magically start to “listen” after years of ignoring and denying. But your intent to listen and feel the pain, combined with the living Will in denial pushing toward your consciousness from the other side will in time, break through the barriers.

    And in time, withdrawing our essence from the web will weaken it, and eventually, it will crumble. We cannot fail, with our tears, we will prevail .

  15. It’s no coincidence the freaks that be, villified “Lucid Dreaming” in the Loughner case. Now I know why all movies about Lucid Dreaming are so weird and untruthful. I believe these creeps greatly utilize it.

    It is a most valuable tool they don’t want us to master. However, Master we must and will. Oh yes, and the many lucid dreaming forums (run by them of course) promote group “Lucid Dreaming”. Stay away from that. This is your private business and gift. Enjoy!!

    Also as a bonus, great wordless music to soothe our selves and to enjoy while reading:

    By far the best description of Lucid Dreaming, I’ve ever read, short, sweet and powerful.

    Good luck everyone.


    Lucid Dreaming is a powerful skill for making changes in yourself and your life. Also known as conscious dreaming, a lucid dream is one in which you are aware you are dreaming. Your body is asleep but your mind is awake and aware. When you are in the lucid dream state, you can actively participate in and manipulate the dream.

    The benefits of lucid dreaming are many. As you develop the ability to lucid dream the quality of your sleep will be better. It will be deeper and more restful, and as a result, you will require less sleep overall. One reason is that material that has gone unprocessed from your day or from the past gets worked out in the dreamtime. In the lucid dream state you will gain access to your subconscious mind and be able to work with the material presented to you in a conscious way. You can resolve personal issues and generate solutions to life situations rapidly and with deep effects because you are already working at the level of the subconscious mind where real change occurs.

    In addition, you will find that lucid dreaming enhances your intuitive and psychic abilities. The conscious mind uses language as its main means for communicating. The subconscious mind uses the language of symbolic imagery. By practicing being aware in the dream state you develop the ability to be able to read these symbolic messages. Over time, the experience of flashes of insight increases in the waking state along with a greater understanding of these insights because the practice has created a clearer line of communication between your conscious and subconscious mind. As a result, you will function more optimally with intuitive flashes and insights becoming much more a part of your daily life.

    To begin lucid dreaming, the first thing is to start remembering your dreams. This is done by keeping a dream journal. Buy a notebook and a pen to keep a record of your dreams and place it by your bed at night. Before you go to sleep, take a minute, and repeat a clear and strong statement of intention to yourself several times, “I will remember at least two dreams by the time I wake up.” This statement of intention is the first communication with your subconscious mind to set up the agreement that you are ready to begin remembering your dreams. As you drift off to sleep, trust that when you awaken you will remember your dreams in the morning.

    When you wake up, stay in bed for a few minutes in the dreamy drowsy state known as the hypnogogic state, and with your eyes still closed, try and recall anything you can from the night before. Anything. Whatever it is, even if it is a vague recollection, write it down. If you don’t remember anything that’s fine. Simply, continue the process and you will find that each morning you will remember more. If you remember something during the course of the day make a notation and include it in your dream journal when you get home. When you record your dreams, refrain from analyzing them as you write them down. Just write down whatever comes to you and as much as you can remember. By the end of a few weeks you will be recalling a great deal of dream material.

    The second step is done during waking hours. Go through your dream journal and find some event or imagery that repeats itself. Make sure it’s also something that happens to you in your waking life. Pick one of the repeated elements of your dream and whenever you experience that same thing in your waking life, stop and ask yourself, “Am I dreaming?”

    For example, if you see your hands in your dreams then throughout the course of your day look at your hands and ask yourself the question, “Am I dreaming?” As another example, if you find that you walk through doorways in your dreams then whenever you walk through a doorway in your waking life touch the door jamb and ask, “Am I dreaming?” This sets up an anchor for remembering. At some point, you will have a dream and, as you see your hands or walk through a doorway or whatever it is you choose to remember, you will reflexively ask the question, “Am I dreaming?” This time the answer will be ‘yes’, and, chances are, that you will find yourself suddenly awake inside the dream!

    When you are awake inside the dream you can begin to watch the dream unfold. As you remain in the lucid state you can begin to change and manipulate the dream in different ways. In the beginning, you will be awake and watching the dream like a movie, but over time you will find that you possess greater and greater ability to control the dream and the way it unfolds. Eventually, you will be able to choose what you want to dream and can even begin dreaming about events of the day or of your past where you can change the outcome in ways that serve your highest fulfillment. Changing these events from your day or your past to outcomes that you desire will have a positive effect on your psyche, sense of well-being and self-mastery. You will be reprogramming your subconscious mind to accept the best possible solution or response to an issue or situation and it will make the appropriate changes in your subconscious. You will find that it has a dramatic effect on your waking life, as well. As you become very good at lucid dreaming you can even take future events into the dreamtime and work with them so the outcomes manifest in the way you desire!

    Have fun, practice well, and we’ll see you in the dreamtime!


  16. Xdiciple, I sure hope youre on the up and up, it seems so. Let me thank you so very much for posting all this valuable info.

    Take it easy.

  17. Thanks I feel much better now than when I used to believe in a big invisible Jesus and a big invisible devil with supernatural demons or insectoid aliens and or interdimensional reptilians. or all the fake alternate media hype coming to it's fake rescue. Humans must be alot more powerful than they could have supposed. Having a fake government ruling over us and sending us to war proved to be our downfall. Can we ever find out who these evil actor/sociopaths are and what makes them live so long?

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